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Remodeling 550 FAQ


When will the 2020 550 list be released? 

We will release the list online and in print in May 2020.


I do not seem to have an account registered to my email. Is this a mistake?

If you do not have an account registered to your email, please create a new account. 


Is there a fee to apply for the 550?



Why do I have to create an account?

Creating an account through our portal will allow you to log back in and continue working on your form at a later date. It will also give you access to your form to print it out for your records once you submit it; be sure to keep your login information!


When is the deadline?

The deadline to submit your 550 form is Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 11:59PM EST. 


Should I submit financial information by fiscal year or by calendar year?

All numbers submitted should be from the calendar year 2019. All projections should be for the calendar year 2020.


What financial information will you print next to my company name?

We will print your revenue, number of jobs, and your average job price from 2019. All other financial information will be printed in aggregate.


My company is based in Canada. Can I still submit numbers for the 550? How will my numbers be displayed?

Yes. Please convert all monetary numbers to American dollars.


I run both a full-scale business and franchises/an insurance restoration firm. What do I do?

Franchise and other multiple-location companies may apply as either full-service, replacement or insurance restoration firms. Applicants have the choice to report revenue as the entire company (franchisor + all franchisees) or as separate firms (each location reporting separate revenue), but not both. 


Can I save my form and continue it later?

Yes. Scroll to the bottom of your form and hit SAVE before exiting the application. Once you click the SAVE AND FINALIZE button, however, you will have submitted your application and be unable to make any further changes.


Can I print out my form once I’ve submitted it?

Yes! Login to your account. From your dashboard, go to My Applications - Complete. You will be able to print and/or view your completed form there.


Can I print out my application from the previous year? 

You can find your 2019 Remodeling 550 application in your account. Please go to the COMPLETE section of your dashboard to find these applications. Be sure to click the SHOW FULL HISTORY link to find your completed 550 application (see below). 


Can I get a copy of my Remodeling 550 form from 2019 or earlier?

Please contact Clay DeKorne (cdekorne@hanleywood.com) or Vince Salandro (vsalandro@hanleywood.com) to get a copy.


I’ve applied for the Remodeling Design Awards in the past. Can I use the same login for the 550 form?

Yes! The RMDAs and the Remodeling 550 use the same platform. Please use the same email you used for your RMDA application and click the “forgot password” button if you can’t remember your password. If the person who applied for the RMDAs is no longer with the company, please create a new account.


Will I get emails confirming my registration and submission?

Yes. If you have not received those emails, please check your spam/junk folder.


My question isn’t here. Whom should I contact?

Contact Remodeling's editor-in-chief, Clay DeKorne at cdekorne@hanleywood.com.